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As an arts educator, I encourage my students to keep their eyes open to their environment, to consistently stay curious about their surroundings and community, and to wonder about nature and function.  I hope to give my students the confidence to know that their visions and views of the world can be used to create art, share with others, and be seen and read as valid expression.


My paintings and drawings are born of curiosity about the world traveled, coupled with the world I can create.  Besides responding to architecture, I am also responding to my relationship of commute and travels.  New York's architecture provokes and induces thought; emotions are aroused by looming buildings, sharp corners and sloping skylines. On my right, I hug the Hudson River down into the noisy city, with the sun rising from my left, Harlem.  These all speak to ideas of function and security.  The ordinary and unprepossessing are what I seek to hold in vision and memory. My art works as a visual allegory between individuals and location.